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January 28, 2012
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I've almost reached my goal of translating this into all my current projects.  Lashel is taking forever so I don't have that one yet, but here are the others, done right this time.  To make up for my failure to do much of anything for quite some time, I've added pronunciation and glosses, with a couple dialect bonuses.  Enjoy!

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Hal manenan hesant tenuent talat rihwr ghe dech ka kamte ghe amdonan. Hesant sethent daal ghe aranan shi hamant a pon a hamde nal nar kw gan-aribenezan.

[hal ma.nə.nan he.sant te.nwent ri.hʌr je dex ka kam.tə je  He.sant se.θent da:l je a.ra.nan ʃi ha.mant a pon a ham.də nal nar kʌ gan.a.ri.βe.nə.ʐan]

(all be-PRES-3pl. bear-PP with freedom and equality in honor and be-PRES-3pl. grant-PP intelligence and and(also) ought-PRES-3pl. INF act-INF to each-other as-if they-DOP of a-brotherhood)

Ra cel:
Fûtôdh tere-thrytyndhä i ghrêf in léẁd si-dhé-s-hulch.  Faranmëdh bhíth bhejdû-s-marialn, s-nüil-sá tä-tu-nan án-hídhj a irgerbuir.

[fu:to:ð tere-θrɪtɪnðæ i xre:f a λɛ(j)ʊɾ si-ðjɛshulʃ    farannəð bjiθ bɛʥɾu:smarjaln sny:lɕa tætunan ʔançiðʥ a irgerpwir]

(bear-PASS-PRES all-earless 1a1n free 2a1n about-dignity-CONJ-privileges.  Give-PASS-PRES they CONJ-OBLIG-behave to-each-other with-spirit 1a2n brotherlike)

       (Wemegh cel dialect):
Fûtôdh tere-dhädhä i ghrêf in léẁd ve-dhé-s-törifanmën.  Faranmëdh bêd bhejdû-s-crú, sa nüil-sá ta-tu-nan rá-irgercrú.

[fu:.tʰo:ð tʰɛ.rɛ.ðæ.ðæ i xre:ɸ ĩ(n) λɛʊɾ vɛ.ðʰɛs.tʰœ.ri.ɸan.nən   fa.ran.nəð pʰeɾ bɛʥ.ɾu:s.krʔu sa nœjɫ.sʔa tʰa.tʰu.nan rʔɛr.crʔu]

Hemnälg (Burstänby):
Soor mygal see eemicel sah yĝ vanst berac yĝ kasaric.  See rylnobal misjeec yĝ kandic yĝ so kofjaa säryknaj särykic hobrarol po gengäl.

[so:ɾ mynal sɪ emikɛl sahʁ vanst bɛɾak ɪʁ kʲasaɹ(i)k.  sɪ ɹylnobal miɕɪk ɪʁ kʲandik ɪʁ so kovja: sæɾyknaj sæɾykik hobɾaɹol po gɛŋæl]

(all be-PRES2 birth-PAST free and equal dignity-in and  be-PRES2 endow-PAST knowledge-ACC and spirit-ACC and thus behave-FUT.IMP they-DAT they-ACC like

(Compare to standard: sår mygal seg dollal sah yr vanst berac yr tjäskelic.  Seg fjobrittel misjëc yr kandic yr så cärfjien säryknej särykic hobrarol på genël.)

Úmuvear taon eţao selao gie gcomah he sbirnónu.  Maţuvedeh cfámr gţein he ghuhre, soat gansear iód tataon guílióhm smorvóm.

[u:muwar θun ɛsu xə (g)kɔmax xə sbɪɹno:nu.  matɬuvɛðɛ kfa:mɹ (g)se(j)n xə(g)xuxrə, swət ganʃar jud taθun gwiλ(j)uxm smɔrvo:m]

(bear-PASS-3plPRES all free.adv. equal.adv. in OBL-honor and   give-PASS-3plPRES OBL-mind and OBL-soul and go-3plPRES.OBLIG with OBL-all as (make-3plPAST.ABS)

Zata naar'obno doozuu gur tabqiz ra footruq sarg zimiddaaz ra ma'omaktiz.  Zib 'oo'uuz drigqiz ra masazzitaz kooz mat'aasf ra ma'ofor 'arrini taq dii baara.

[zata na:ʁʔœbnœ do:zu: gəʁ tabqɪz ra ɸo:trəq sarg zimidda:z ra maʔœmaktiz.  zib ʔo:ʔu:z driggiz ra masazzitaz ko:z matʔa:sf ra maʔœɸœʁ ʔarrini taq di: ba:ra]

(all bear-PASS with freedom and equality for dignity and (filler) give-PASS.STAT philosophy and thoughtfulness and toward and ADV same OBLIG behave-PRES)

Note: "give" is the passive voice of an honorific form, of a superior giving to an inferior.  Another way to express the same thing would be BEN-receive-PASS, or /aguttirti/.  /zib/ is a filler pronoun, though it can also reflect previously identified pronouns or nouns, in this case "humans" in the first sentence.
Hopefully I'll be able to give a sample of lashel sometime soon but I dunno. I have a lot to work out yet so we'll see. Also, I didn't have anything in my dictionary for naaqur so most of the last three hours was me going through my notebook picking out words and derivatives and pluralization rules, haha. Anyway.
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mbrsart Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice! I tried slogging my way through the IPA, but I had a hard time at it. Eh, whatever. Looks great!
tlhakujunkan Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, thank you. There's a lot there.
mbrsart Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm especially impressed that you have these multiple languages to this point of completion. I'm not far enough along with mine that I can do much of anything. But I'm working on fixing that.
tlhakujunkan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you again. :blush: It's good to take your time developing language, I think, but then there's the benefit of being able to make changes whenever you want. Good luck with yours, and I can't wait to see a translation challenge. ^_^
JaiLatte Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! So impressive. :worship:
tlhakujunkan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. ^_^
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